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Canagliflozin, sold under the brand name Invokana among others, is a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. It is a third-line medication to metformin. It is used together with exercise and diet. It is not recommended in type 1 diabetes. It is taken by mouth. Common side effects include vaginal yeast infections, nausea, constipation, and urinary tract infections. Serious side effects may include vaginal yeast infections, nausea, constipation, and urinary tract infections. Serious side effects may include low blood sugar, Fournier's gangrene, leg amputation, kidney problems, high blood potassium, and low blood pressure. Diabetic ketoacidosis may occur despite nearly normal blood sugar levels. Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended.

User "Mick" describes his experience using Invokana on the "Drugs" site on August 21, 2020:

"I Was put on Invokana in March of 2016. Previously had an A1c of 10.6. It did a good job knocking down my high numbers but I was losing a lot of weight, although my next A1c was 6.4. I became sicker and sicker, losing more weight, and ended up in the hospital getting dialysis with renal failure. They immediately suspended Invokana. Invokana almost finished me off!"


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Quality Control Officer (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful work culture no proper food and travelling .Senior people politics no job security any moment fired out without any specific reason very difficult to survive may lead anyone to go in depression."

Tecnico 1 empaque (Former Employee) says

"No hay sensibilidad a la hora en que cometes algún error. La paga es vergonzosa ya que es una empresa multimillonaria."

ventas (Former Employee) says

"El GM es un brasileno mediocre que es muy malo en su trabajo y con la gente. Mala experiencia Cons: El director general"

Scientist (Former Employee) says

"Janssan has great benefits, credo & work ethics value, however it is not applied at individual and group level. There was micro management, discrimination, discouragement & harassment by manager, no support from management. Cons: Certain bad managers make people quit job"

Manufacturing Operator (Former Employee) says

"La experiencia no fue de mi agrado ya que el ambiente y el trato hacia el empleado es grave y para mi fue mala la experiencia en jensen."

Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) says

"The call centre had two staff members at any given time and was managed by someone who did not know anything about the modern contact centre. I left because the commute to and from work was the most activity I had during my work day. Cons: Uncertain environment"

Document Control Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Love working at this company.Work was very educational. I learned how the integrity department does business. I worked with several different areas within JNJ to verify purchases."

Admin Executive/ Customer Services (Former Employee) says

"The management and the directors are big problem Some directors were only in their post because they were being made redundant from their current job due to restructuring. They did not have a clue how the dept ran. They got shot of very talented people but seemed to keep on the wingers. They like painted dolls. HR manager was very incompetent and did not follow any company rules, but just jotted down things in a book. Tried to discuss moving to another dept for development fell on deaf ears. They seem to cut themselves off from the rest of the company. Co- workers were always moaning when taking coffee breaks. The company knew a lot of people were unhappy but they did nothing to change it. Promoted people with little experience because the management liked them. The job was full on all day everyday. I learnt because I put my head down, worked loads of lunch breaks and stayed after hours when the dept was in crises. No recognition for this. The new manager wanted younger people so life was made miserable you just wanted out. Lying is a big part of the culture there. You were forced to go to conference of which people hated and the management knew but they did not care. If you did not go it was noted. Cons: No prospects, lying. no recognition"

Territory Manager, Hamilton/Grimsby (Former Employee) says

"Very vicious manager disappointing. The Company proudly professes its importance of The Credo, but forgets to follow the contents of it."

Tecnico (Former Employee) says

"El trato al empleado no es malo, pero es imposible poder progresar ya que las opciones son muy limitadas. Ademas la paga es muy pobre comparado con otras empresas. Cons: Paga muy baja, dificil poder progresar."

Gerente de Ventas (Current Employee) says

"El Ambiente laboral es malo, mucho derivado e incentivado por los Directores que son los primeros en tratarte mal, esperan que les hagas la barba para progresar en la empresa. Cons: Horrible ambiente y cultura de trabajo, del sigo pasado"

Senior Financial Analyst - External Manufacturing (Current Employee) says

"The Finance team at Janssen is know for working some crazy hours. Yes, you read it right. Most of the analysts are working more than 70 hours a week. Things just gets worse during month/quarter end closes. Management will never acknowledge your efforts by putting overtime and instead throw more work at your desk. Cons: 12hr work day, dirty office spaces, no room for sick time off, extremely poor work life balance, negative competition amongst managers, no resources for training, cafe food is unappetizing, poorly maintained drinking water units, empty talks of worklife balance and J&J Credo - They are not hold true."

Marketing Digital (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente muy conservador y clasista respecto al tipo de contrato con el que te entras. Mal ambiente y tensión a la hora de la renovación del contrato. Excesiva preocupación por el resto de los compañeros por si te ofrecen más beneficios sociales que al resto. Cons: ambiente conversador"

Safety Officer (Former Employee) says

"Your not ‘allowed’ to go home until all the work is done which meant working late (until 9pm on fridays) unless you have children, with no compensation as ‘that’s your job’. This is despite not missing any external timelines. Cons: Long hours, little/no respect for individuals, b*tchy management (openly complained about employees and frequently used curse words)"

CTA (Former Employee) says

"Mauvaise ambiance très hiérarchisée avec micro management, entreprise très "spéciale"..énormément de turn over. Évolution très limitée. Mais ceci uniquement au niveau de la R&D France."

sales operations (Former Employee) says

"Only thing good is the pension but you need to survive 5 years to get it. My advise, stay away if you value your health and well-being. Cons: Management - Work Load - Culture"

Quality Assurance Manager (Current Employee) says

"The Company manufactures Remicade which is JNJ's blockbuster pharmaceutical product. This is a fast paced, high volume, workplace where the daily work responsibilities heavily outweigh the alotted amount of time required to complete assigned tasks. As a result it becomes the expectation that employees will continue to work from home to meet timelines. Cons: Family life/work life inbalance"

Scientist I (Current Employee) says

"Being a contractor isn't great. People are generally always on the lookout for a new job."

Industriële reiniging (Former Employee) says

"Als ik begonnen was bij Janssen hadden we een super goede teamleider van het schoonmaakbedrijf waar we voor werkten , waardoor ik mijn VCA attest behaald heb dankzij hem, maar sinds hij veranderde van job/locatie is de sfeer , vooral collegiaal enorm slecht achteruit gegaan , vooral door de andere teamleider alsook de mensen van andere origine , twas de hel geworden"

Sr. Manager Digital Learning Technology (Current Employee) says

"pharmaceutical industry is what you expect. The pay is good but the culture is toxic. If you are not a sales person or have a sales background you are the black sheep"